(STICKY:) Tesseracts Twelve Is Out!

Tesseracts Twelve: Canadian Genre Fiction at its Best...
Tesseracts Twelve: Canadian Genre Fiction at its Best...

I haven’t seen it yet — as I’m in Korea, and it’s not stocked here, and I haven’t gotten a contributor’s copy yet — but I see that over on Amazon.ca, Tesseracts Twelve is available.

(Here’s the link on Amazon.com, if you’re in the US, or Amazon.co.uk if you’re in Britain/Europe. Or if you’re in Korea, you can get it at Whatthebook.com.)

The book was launched yesterday at World Fantasy Con, if I’m not mistaken… The publisher, EDGE Books, has a page for the book here (though, warning, the pages display weird in Firefox, at least in Ubuntu).

It was edited by the excellent Claude Lalumière (a very precise, insightful editor, I must say!), and contains, among many other wonderful things (so I hear), my novella about an international (mainly Asian) team of superheroes operating here in Korea, titled “Wonjjang and the Madman of Pyongyang.”

I don’t know whether the book is on shelves in stores at this moment, though I imagine it must be. I’m not in Canada, so I really can’t check! Anyway, if you’ve sighted it, do let me know… :)

There have been some really positive reviews about the anthology. Here are one by Don D’Ammassa, one by Colleen Cahill for SFRevu, and one by the eminently hard (hey! in an SFnal sense!) Karl Schroeder.

(If you’d like to see my thoughts on the story, have a look here.)

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