“Cai and Her Ten Thousand Husbands” has been accepted for publication by Apex Magazine. Which is online, so I’ll be able to link it from here when it ends up in print pixels! I’m quite pleased to have found a home for this one.

7 thoughts on “Pleased!

  1. Yay. Argh, that’s another on my list…(along with that issue of Interzone, that issue of Nature, and of course the Tesseracts Anthology) ( :

  2. Thanks all!


    It’s an online publication — webzine only since sometime this year — but I’d be happy to autograph your computer monitor if you like.


    Er, I’m only too happy to add to the reading list. I too am playing catch-up these days!

  3. We’re pleased to have you!

    I wanted to point out that people will have a chance to get the story in print. We will release a yearly antho with the past year’s original fiction. Like what Clarkesworld does.

  4. Jason,
    Thanks! As for the anthy, I didn’t know that! (I thought the anthology reprint clause was just, you know, the standard provisional thing.) That’s excellent!

    In that case, Baltimoron, I will indeed sign the print edition. Though I’ll still sign your monitor if you’re game.

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