Optimism, Anyone?

Jetse de Vries is looking for a little optimism to include in his upcoming Shine anthology of optimistic, relevant, smart, near-future SF. If you have a story that grapples with the problems that face our planet, and that shows how things could indeed improve, then send that puppy straight to him. Or write one now — the deadline’s still half a year away!

7 thoughts on “Optimism, Anyone?

  1. Yeah, and kept putting it off. (I have 3 or 4 books to review, too.) Okay, this afternoon, beanbags… after I check the timings on a subtitle file for tonight’s class.

  2. Kwandongbrian,

    Yeah, but the problem is, as Jetse says, that SF is not optimistic for your future. SF’s full of dark visions, and a much smaller number of optimistic views of the future, or how we’ll be dealing with the mounting crises that are growing more apparent with each passing year. You know, the kind of stories that could inspire new approaches to those problems? de Vries feels (probably quite correctly) that they’re not getting written, probably because dark visions are just easier.

    Glad you liked my story! :) Thanks!

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