What’s So Special about Madoff?

The whole system is a mess, Madoff is just a slightly more extended case. Slightly. Paul Krugman has more.

Ha, finally, the world is catching on? On, no, just parts of the world. And some people have been saying this whole system is crazy for years now.

2 thoughts on “What’s So Special about Madoff?

  1. Do I sense a “bad apples” argument coming? I mean, what would the system be if not an ass-grabbing conspiracy to absolve any legislator, any regulator, any business leader…any citizen=voter of the responsibility for the American economy.

  2. Yeah, I think I can smell just such an argument on the air. I was actually thinking about that a few minutes ago when my mother brought him up in conversation just now. (Just before comparing him to hockey players who make too much money.) Which means, basically, that even people who have a pretty shaky grasp on the context know who Madoff is, and that the message — “Madoff is especially crooked and bad” is coming through loud and clear. (Setting everyone up for the message that not everyone is as crooked and bad as Madoff, I suppose. Sigh.)

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