Year’s Best… Who? Huh?

Gardner Dozois has posted the TOC for The Year’s Best Science Fiction, Twenty-Sixth Annual Collection, and if you check the list, you find my name beside my story “Lester Young and the Jupiter’s Moons’ Blues” which appeared in Asimov’s in July 2008.

I’ve known for a few days now, and it is news I’m extremely happy to hear. But I figured I’d wait until the full table of contents was public before mentioning it. Looking at the TOC, there are so many names  of people whose writing I’ve admired or adored for years and years, which only makes it an even bigger honour! (Especially since this was only the fourth story I’ve sold, and my third sale ever to appear in print.)

Now, of course, I will have to outdo myself. Ah well… I’ve been invited to contribute to a few projects in 2009, so I’ll get a lot of chances, I suppose. Now, to get to work on them.

Well, not right now. (I have a post to write up.)

But tomorrow, after my lunch meeting with Bradley, and after I get my hands on the Goose Dad files, and after I work my way through evaluating the audio files for a co-workers research project…


Okay, maybe I’ll start back on drafting Wednesday?

No, no, the other stuff can probably be stretched over two days, and I need to start writing again. On the positive side, I am ready to start the redraft of my WWII geomancy story “Ten Spikes and a Hammer.”

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