But How Can I Forget

Have I mentioned My Little Airport? Excellent little Hong Kong indie band, at least from the album The OK Thing to Do on Sunday Afternoon is to Toddle in the Zoo. I’m definitely picking up all three albums.

The best I can describe their music is it’s cute, twee, blippy, clockwork, breathy, girly, indie-pop. (In disarmingly unabashed Engrish, among other languages.)

I also really like this song:

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2 thoughts on “But How Can I Forget

  1. Love these guys — I’ve been listening to them for a very long time now. Their (exported) discography is a little tricky, and I’m not sure if I have anything from the album you’ve found. I randomly discovered “Becoz I was too nervous at that time”, and later found “Zoo is sad, people are cruel” (basically Becoz with extra tracks from another source) on emusic.

    1. Jack,

      Heh, looks like you rubbed off on me, then. :) (I can’t imagine I’d have liked this sort of music very much before the days when you exposed me to this kind of stuff. Thanks!)

      Supposedly you can order stuff directly from them. You actually can’t get Zoo Is Sad, People are Cruel that way but then I suspect it’s just a compilation of songs from the first two albums anyway.

      (I haven’t heard back yet, but then, I only emailed yesterday and Chinese New Year is upon us. Well, the Korean rebranding is upon me, but whatever. I sure hope I do hear back. Ah well.)

      I’ll post an update here about whatever comes of it.

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