Homeplus Update

Remember how I said they “fixed their website” to allow foreigners to register?

Well, ordering is another matter, as I discovered after spending over an hour trying to get the damned order to go through. It’s not my card, because my card works with other sites. It’s something in the way their site handles cards. I imagine it just assumes the name on the card and the name on the national ID# are identical or something like that. Nobody bothered to think through the rest of the process when they “fixed” the website.  So maybe they don’t want our business after all?

(Lime’s words are, “What, they let foreigners register on the site, just so they can window shop? How ridiculous!” As before, she’s taking it as a form of personal entertainment to nag them into being less retarded.)

I’ll try write up a howto on registration and some other tips, but there’s no point in doing it until they actually sort the damned site out. (Note: I haven’t tried ordering from E-Mart yet, but I will be, after the holiday, and will update on whether that works here as well.)

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