Contract signed. I’m now on the tenure track, and somehow, subtly, professor describes my job title and not just my job.

I’ve just came back from having coffee with the two other foreign profs who got signed on at the same time I did, and we had a good talk about the whole thing.

It’s a two-year contract, but while my teaching duties won’t change much (and without going into details, my pay stays close to what it has been), I will have some more duties within the department (webmastery ones and some curriculum stuff, so far), opportunities for bonuses and research funding after I snag some academic publications… but there are clear (and somewhat intense) research/publication expectations.

All in all, I’m very happy. This is the first time there’s been anything like a meeting in relation to signing a contract. Well, I did meet a secretary at the airport once, when no other meeting was possible; and while I did meet the president before I was hired on the first time, I never had a meeting where the point of the meeting was ceremoniously to sign a contract.

It certainly helped solidify that this change is not a minor one, but actually sort of a big deal. And really, I feel like I have one of the best jobs around, so I’m happy.

Remind me of that when I complain about struggling with some paper I rope myself into writing.

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    1. Charles,

      Definitely! It may have to be early the week after next week… I’ll get back to you this weekend about it, when I clear up some questions about my schedule!

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