Cai Live!

As of today, my story, “Cai and Her Ten Thousand Husbands,” is now live at Apex Magazine. Check out the contents for the whole February 2009  issue here: there’s some great stuff, including SF Murphy’s “Tearing Down Tuesday” (which I saw in Interzone a while back, and really enjoyed at the time), a couple of things by Lavie Tidhar (this guy is everywhere!), and I got a particularly good kick out of a little nonfiction (I think) piece by Alethea Kontis titled “Monster in the Closet.” (Oh, the flashbacks from childhood!)

In addition, Apex is launching a subscription PDF version of the magazine. If that interests you, find out more here, or go directly to here and pay up your $2 for a PDF of the current issue!

2 thoughts on “Cai Live!

  1. read it early this morning. It has a lot of very raw material and I can’t quite decide if it works as you intended it to. Powerful either way. Going to write you an email about it later when I have time. Still have to go get the Interzone PDF and a copy of Tesseracts…

  2. Hm… well, I think I usually intend stories to work in multiple ways, for different readers and so on, plus, you know, death of the author and all that. (Intentionality doesn’t constrain readings, is all I mean.)

    Anyway, I’ll keep an eye out for your email, and enjoy those other things, when you get around to them. Both are full of good stuff!

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