I’m in a Meeting

I didn’t write that last post at 9:00am today, but rather last night. Scheduling posts to be published at a later date is cool. Neat, and it’s new to me — I couldn’t do cron jobs before in WordPress on my webhost’s space. I love it!

And yes, by the time this gets published, I’ll really be in some kind of orientation meeting. I don’t know whether any of it is going to be in English, or how much point there is to me being there. (Most of the other new profs are bound to be Korean, and those who aren’t are already out of the country.

But, ah well. I’ll be in a suit with a tie. I clean up alright. Maybe it’ll be interesting. I’ll have my laptop with me. Maybe I’ll comment on this post from the meeting, even. Especially if it’s all in fast, academic-sounding (difficult to follow) Korean. I have an appointment in Seoul at 4pm, so I hope the luncheon thing afterwards doesn’t go too long.

UPDATE (Later that day): The meeting was all in English — the Korean-language meeting was held yesterday — and several departments and offices had worked very hard to prepare  for holding said meeting in English, including a booklet with phone numbers for every department… phone numbers leading to an English-speaking contact person, no less. (ie. The kind of accomodation I never even expect in my own sense of an optimal situation!) I was extremely impressed! Absolutely thrumming with a sense of my own newly expanded evil powers to plot against students’ free time a sense of possibility and opportunity and that kind of good stuff.

Meanwhile, I was a couple of minutes late. Horrid, bad, argh! All I can say is, I hate shoelaces, especially when they break at the wrong time.

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