Ideas Worth Pushing: Post-Snark Era?

Jetse de Vries linked a recent post by Matt Staggs which hails an idea I really hope catches on: that we don’t need no more snark.

I don’t know to what degree I’m guilty of it on my own website–maybe a little more than I imagine, but less than so many websites I’ve seen–but I do know I’ve reached the point where snarkiness for snarkiness’ sake is simply no longer a novelty. It’s a very tired, boring, useless exercise, and, finally, I think what can be said is that it’s become a self-indulgence. A tiresome self-indulgence, and one that gets in the way of talking about things that matter, in a way that reflects how much they matter.

And the weird thing is, I’m saying this. I thought I was a pessimistic bastard. But now I see that pretending you care is even more pessimistic… and defeatist.

We can do better. We deserve better.

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