Home Again, Home Again

… jiggety jig.

I was a busier this weekend than I have been in a while, in a social way. My friend James came up to Seoul and ended up crashing at my place in Bucheon on Friday night, and then on Saturday we headed into Seoul and met up with Roger Wellor Charles Montgomery and his lady (the BLF, as he calls her on his site), as well as the Korea/NZ scholar Stephen Epstein and a number of other interesting people.

Now it’s Sunday, and I’m listening to the new Sofanauts podcast, which just came out the other day, and after that I’ll start plugging away at my work. I have a movie script to work through for one of my classes, some grading to do, some web design work for my department, and then housework.

I haven’t updated on my media and reading intake, in part because I’ve been reading so slowly and so many things at once. I’ll have to push hard — there’s at least one book I need to review, and one novel manuscript I need to read and crit for a friend, along with a few short stories needing crits.

I haven’t been hiking or going to the gym for two weeks, but I’m pretty much over my cold now, and hoping to start hiking tomorrow or Tuesday. Wednesday I’ll be getting the crown on the tooth that got the root canal, and I hope to start practicing my tenor sax again thereafter, on a semi-daily basis. And I’m making some progress in terms of other issues I’ve been dealing with, personal stuff.

This week? Oh, it’s going to be a deluge again. I have to nag my travel agent a little, and get my tickets before the rates go up 10% in May. More web design (to whatever degree fiddling with templates can be called that — that’s all I really have time for right now) and grading will follow this week. One of my goals is to get on top of everything so I can throw myself into reading and also working on  the stuff I need to get written in the next month or so.

2 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again

  1. Gord,

    Other than when the “shining one” and I had to hold your head down in the sink to rinse the sick off?

    Splendid time!

    I look forward getting down South to see all the cultural treasures your town offers.

    tll then… I’m outta camouflage… I admit to being Charles Montgomery. ;-)

    1. Your coming out has been noted in the post. :)

      The sick? Oh, you mean the blood of the pickup artiste in the Starbucks? Right. That bit.

      Was great. As for my town, it’s more southwesterly of you. (Or do you mean Jeonju?) No cultural treasures of great note in Bucheon, unless you count the surly cabbie who drove past James and me, shouting cackling all the way. Or, the film festival in the summer.

      I agree: splendid time, and another should follow.

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