Shouldn’t Have Had That Coffee…

I decided this evening, after cleaning up my home relatively well and getting some othert stuff  done, that I would go out and write. Ended up at Starbucks over at Bucheon Station, because it’s by the  cinema and I wanted to see the Wolverine film. (I did. It was pretty good, though even if it is an origins story, I’m afraid it’s a film with no ending. And I wanted a satisfying ending.)

Anyway, I got some productive writing and editing on the WIP (Work in Progress) done, though I’m not going to go into it except to say I’m glad decided to check out my long-neglected copy of Snow Crash recently for the first time, after hearing some discussion of it on a podcast along with a discussion of how William Gibson sounded on the audiobook he narrated of Neuromancer.

The phallocarp is to the Papuan man what jargon is to the modern nerd, geek, cyuberpunk, and pickup artist. Click to see the full-sized image.

I’m working at making my own story convey the sudden realization that hit me today about how nerd subcultures wear jargon the way some Papua New Guinean men wear phallocarps. (Neat discussion of phallocraps near the end of this post, by the way, including the Jared Diamond passage here I first heard of such things.)

My WIP is basically an experiment in how effective it is to mash up different geek subcultures and mix their lingos. I think I’m mashing three together: pickup artists, cyberpunks, and techno-greens. With the bonus that the battle of the sexes gets addressed too, in a cartoony sort of way. (My wink and nod to Joanna Russ’s The Female Man, though she’d probably revile it.)

Ah well, for now, more drafting soundtrack:

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="344" allowfullscreen="true" fvars="fs=1" /]

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