Everything is Fake

I forgot to blog this, in the press of personal events, goodbye parties for a coworker/friend, and the madness of grading, but I wanted to mention that I went to an art gallery opening last week, and the art was pretty cool.

If you’re interested in a show of art by a young Korean artist who is decidedly experimental and interested in womens’ issues but also in taboo-shattering, check out Everything Is Fake. (Here’s the map.) The show runs till this Sunday…

Everything is Fake by Ahn Jinu

4 thoughts on “Everything is Fake

  1. Would you say her work is in any way related to women’s issues and breaking taboos? If so, then I’ll mention her on my own blog when I have more energy tomorrow morning, although after 15 mins of looking I can find very little of her even on Naver unfortunately (not helped by a semi-famous Korean director having the same name), and even less of any images of her work! Sigh.

    If you ever meet her again, please stress the urgency of her getting her own website! :)

  2. Huh. I suspect that her target audience won’t have as much trouble as you did. This series of hits came up on my first search… yes, including her blog. And an image sample, too, which I’ve added to the post, in case you care to borrow it…

  3. Thanks. In my defense, my problem was a) that I was very sleepy(!), and b) that after I naturally enough typed in “안진우” on Naver…


    …it immediately brought up two links to either the film director or her, and so naturally enough I clicked on the link to her. But it turned out that that meant I was looking for “설치미술가 안진우,” which didn’t have very much!

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