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For those keeping track (and I will have to update the site soon, but not today):

  • The Year’s Best SF 26 edited by Gardner Dozois is available as of a few days ago, and contains my story, “Lester Young and the Jupiter’s Moons’ Blues.” My story Pahwakhe also got an Honorable Mention too… (I don’t know if anything else did, I haven’t seen the book yet as I’m all the way over in Korea).

    (Seeing my name in that list of authors blew my mind… me? On a list with those people, each of which is… wow. Blew my mind. Blows my mind now, still.)

  • This winter, Apex Book Company will be publishing a collection of fiction from its website titled Descended From Darkness; it contains, among a bunch of other excellent pieces of fiction, my short story “Cai and Her Ten Thousand Husbands” which appeared on the site back in February. If you order it from this page, Apex will generously give me a cut of the profits for that copy sold, so hey, don’t hold back, my friends!
  • My story “The Bohisattvas” will be appearing online sometime soonish, in a place I’m flattered to have a chance to have my work appear, along with stories by more people whose work absolutely blows my mind. Another honor, about which I’ll ramble more when it happens. A Korean translation of the story will be published later on this year as well — the first translation of a story by me to appear in Korea. This is especially happy news as it is a story I first began working on in 1999 or 2000. A rough first attempt was a major part of my MA thesis, but this is a radical rewrite of the story with only a few feelings, characters, and themes surviving into the present.

More story news on the way, but for now? I have a 마감 (deadline) that involves writing, but not really fiction. I’ll say more about that later, I think…

2 thoughts on “Books, Books, Books

  1. Do you mean St. Martin’s don’t comp you the Dozois Year’s Best? What a ripoff :)

    Another semester has passed us by, and you’ll head to Canada for the summer and the Worldcon. that coffee or beer will have to take place next semester… :P

  2. Junsok,

    Maybe they did send me a comp copy, but I wouldn’t have received it yet anyway… it always takes longer over here!

    So I’m dying of curiosity to get a look at it. I’ll get a chance in a week, though. :)

    And yeah, we didn’t manage the beer/coffee. Though I do have something I’d like to give you, before I go. Even if it means just leaving it in your mailbox at the depatyment office? Little thing called a bottle of my homebrewed stout… for the batch, she turned out good!

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