“Of Melei, of Ulthar” — Online at Clarkesworld!

New story! New story!

My newest story — “Of Melei, of Ulthar” — is online in the October 2009 issue of Clarkesworld, along with a very intense story titled “Spar,” by Kij Johnson. (This is also the story being podcast this month at Clarkesworld, too!)

(Interestingly, we have shared a table of contents before, in Asimov’s SF, last summer. It’s a pleasure to share a TOC once more with as distinguished an author as Johnson. Here’s her website, by the way.)

EDIT: Ugh, and as someone whose own work has appeared in the nonfiction section of Clarkesworld before (here), I’m embarrassed that I didn’t at least mention the nonfiction work. I’ve never read Ken Scholes, who’s interviewed in the nonfiction contribution by Jeremy L. C. Jones, but I did enjoy the Poe retrospective by G.A. Buchholz. And check out that cover!

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