Happy Worldwide Dungeons and Dragons Game Day

It’s today, and while I no longer play, it’s worth noting or celebrating if you like.

5 thoughts on “Happy Worldwide Dungeons and Dragons Game Day

  1. I had no idea. It’s been a while since I’ve played, too. Heh–if the writing group falls through, maybe we could get a gaming group together. Although I wonder if that might not end up being more work.

  2. Charles,

    I suspect it would indeed be more work, though I might be willing to run an Orpheus campaign sometime… depending on workload and all that. I have all the books for the Orpheus set — it’s a short run series with a pretty neat concept, which can run as long as one likes.

    Actually, there are a few White Wolf games I’d be willing to run, though the one I’d be most interested in, Aberrant, is seemingly out of print and probably would be a bit of a job to get enough books to run satisfactorily.

    (I should note that while I’d be happy to play SF/horror RPGs, or even urban fantasy type things, high (“epic”)fantasy doesn’t really appeal to me. That is, no dungeon crawling for me!)

    Sigh. My huge collection of White Wolf games disappeared in transit and I was out f conuntry so no insurance was collected. Argh. Only thing that disappeared, too… And all I have left is a ton of old AD&D books, some of them mouse chewed from their time in the folks’ garage…

  3. Since I would be hard pressed to classify a gaming group as anything but “recreation,” it will probably have to wait. But at some point I would like to try it. Genre doesn’t matter much to me.

  4. Charles,

    Yeah, man. I have no time right now either.

    I don’t know why the genre’s important to me… I think I just overdosed on epic fantasy RPG back in the day and never really recovered.

    I can say I’d quite like to RPG fantasy in a world that isn’t very AD&D-like… or AD&D derivative. (ie. Dark Sun or Red Steel, a couple of old AD&D worlds.) IF we were to find someone happy to run a game in a Bas-Lag type world (as in the very weird and original world used by China Mieville in his main fantasy series) I’d be happy to play, but I don’t have time to invest in the worldbuilding needed to run one myself.

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