The wheat beer I boiled up with a ton of nice spray malt extract and a tin of wheat beer syrup has finally started fermenting noticeably, after about 20 hours of sitting and doing nothing in the primary fermenter. Whew, is all I can say. I was worried that one was going nowhere!

It’s true, what they say: don’t freak out if it doesn’t do anything right away. It’s not necessarily a bad sign.

Tomorrow or Friday, I’ll be boiling up a pumpkin barley wine. After that, I’ll need more malt extract but that’s the least of my problems — I only have one glass carboy and the wheat will need a secondary fermentation, so even if I do chuck the pumpkin barley wine into my other bucket, I’ll need to find someplace to put it a week or less later. Thinking about a second glass carboy. Thinking I need a bigger space to work my brewy magic. Thinking about brewing is fun…

2 thoughts on “Fermenting!

  1. Sounds awesome.

    I’ve been meaning to send you out an email, as there are various subjects to discuss, but I’ve been on the busy side. Soon, though…

  2. Charles,

    Yeah, if you’d emailed me before today, I’d likely not have answered anyhow — though maybe you would have gotten an “I’ll email you soon, been swamped” message yesterday night, like many did.

    If there’s lots of discuss, maybe we should meet up. I would even consider having you over when I brew my next batch, except it’ll probably be too-short notice. Actually, check your email, dude…

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