Apex Readers’ Poll and Anthology

Well, the final edit for “The Bodhisattvas” is finally in the can (thanks to Jonathan Strahan for very useful nitpicking and questions), and I’ve been nudged to mention that there’s a reader’s poll over at Apex for the best new fiction piece (“Story of the Year”) of 2009. Tons of good work there, so if you’ve been reading Apex Magazine this year, check out the list, Apex Anthology: Descended from Darkness covermaybe refresh your memory, and vote for what you liked best… which of course is my story, “Cai and Her Ten Thousand Husbands”, right? Right?

Speaking of which, the Apex anthology collecting “Cai…” and the other stories included in the poll is now available at Amazon. The book should be in stock at shops soon, and there’s a bunch of great stuff in there, so check it out…

And by the way, what a wonderful, killer cover. I love it.

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