“Melei” on Locus List!

Well, I was just alerted by my pal Maura McHugh that my story, “Of Melei, of Ulthar” (which appeared in Clarkesworld‘s October issue, #37) was honored with a place among the many wonderful works (at least, the ones I’ve read were wonderful!) on the Locus 2009 Recommended Reading List. Yay, Melei!

I’d get into a detailed analysis of the list, except that I have other crap to do, so I’ll navel gaze momentarily instead, and note that I just realized that both of the stories I published laast year featured female protagonists with names ending with the letter i. Two’s enough. Ah well, I’ve already got more stories lined up for publication in 2010 than I published in 2009, and it’s only the start of February. So it’s a good year already!

2 thoughts on ““Melei” on Locus List!

  1. *경.축*
    I look forward to your coming up stories :)

    anyway, translation is almost completed, and I’ll send some questions to you~~

  2. Thanks! I’ll definitely announce here when they’re in print.

    And… Cool! I’m excited that the translation’s coming along!

    I’ll try get to your questions as quickly as I can… I may be traveling this weekend, but anyway, it won’t be more than a few days wait either way.

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