Happy Birthday to… me.

This year is the year of the tiger, which is my sign in the Asian zodiac. That means, of course, my age is a multiple of 12 — in fact, 36.

This isn’t quite midway for average male life expectancy in the developed world, but on the other hand, for the men in my family, this might well be the average of halfway, or even farther along.

So I guess I should be reflecting on where I’ve been, and where I want to go. Except, well, I did that a lot last year, and I feel like I’m on track, and I have a meeting tonight, with good beer in the plans, and good food, and not much commuting. Sounds like a plan.

Birthday greetings, admonishments, advice, or whatever are welcome. The comments section is there for a reason, folks…

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to… me.

  1. Happy birthday.

    Actually, I did not know your exact age. After knowing that, suddenly, I think that next time I meet you, I should call you ‘형'(you know what ‘형’ means) :)

    1. Thanks for the greetings, folks! I will indeed be enjoying some beer from a local microbrewery tonight. I hope the Wheat Beer is good, in the current batch. That’s what I’ve been missing, good wheat beer on draft.

      And please, 장수제, er, Insu, don’t call me hyeong! It makes me feel all old! (Though now I am curious how old you thought I was…) :)

  2. Happy Birthday
    Live Long and Prosper

    p.s. wordpress error makes me input this reply three times and display twice

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