The Fleeting, Fragile Spirit of these Creatures Clinging to this Rock

I have a story in my mind, about time travel and moral yearnings and hope and the complete annihilation of everything you hold dear. It feels like this song:

… and I don’t know if I can write it so it comes out that way.

But it’s a good song, isn’t it?

And yeah, I first heard it on Weeds, and couldn’t get it out of my head then.

2 thoughts on “The Fleeting, Fragile Spirit of these Creatures Clinging to this Rock

  1. That’s one of my favorite songs from that album (_We Shall All Be Healed_). The whole album is about various forms of letting go and accepting things.

    Moral yearnings and hope and the annihilation of what you love sounds like a Mountain Goats theme overall, too. Let me see… I just asked Nikki which songs I should point you at and she said, “What, like EVERYTHING he ever wrote basically?” You could probably narrow it down a bit more…

    She says “Old College Try,” and I think you could do worse than “Distant Stations,” or you could just get a bunch of his records and listen to them. I think I linked to some songs back during that thread a couple of months ago, and they’re still in the same place. Or just ask, or look around youtube, or, you know. The internet.

    It’s the kind of theme John Darnielle has explored in a number of ways, though…

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