Upcoming Beer Stuff in Seoul


November’s shaping up to be a great month for beer in Seoul! Pretty much every weekend after next there’s an upcoming beer/brewing-related event in the city:

  • The Korean Daum Brewing Club is having a Beer Festival on 13 October. It’s 25,000 won in advance, or 28,000 at the door. I may make it, I’m not sure; if I do, I’ll be entering a beer.
  • The Homebrew Korea Brew Your Best Fest is happening the following weekend, on 20 November, at the Gangnam Oktoberfest. Again, it’s 25,000 won a person if you pay in advance (30,000 at the door), and you get free all-you-can-drink house beer plus whatever homebrew is brought to share (there was a lot last time) and also some food with that. I’ll definitely be entering a few beers in that contest, and bringing some extra to share.
  • Craftworks Taphouse will be opening in Seoul on November 26-27 of this year. Craft beer (from the Ka-Brew Brewery), lots of other “libations” including a selection of single malt whiskeys, wines, what sounds like great food, and so on.

Oh, also: if you like Belgian beer like I like Belgian beer, you’ll be eager to try the beer at… well, I have been asked NOT to share the information about the place, for fear of douchebag expats ruining it — no, really — but I’m sure anyone who reads my blog doesn’t fit that description, so email me. I can tell you where to go.

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