German Traditional Christmas Market

UPDATE (11 Dec. 2010): It might be fun for people in the neighborhood, but the market was NOT worth a 90 minute subway ride. My friend Mark and I crossed Seoul to get to it, and found (to our immense dismay) a small stand of four tents with overpriced goulash, mulled wine, Krombacher beer, sausages, and such. The facepainting area looked dreary. I did pick up some pretty lace Xmas ornaments for Miss Jiwaku, but overall it was not worth going to this.

ORIGINAL POST: I don’t know if it’s going to be any good, but I’m going with a few friends on Friday to the German Traditional Christmas Market. I’ll update this post with my opinion… though I can say already I’m disappointed that there’s not a wider range of German beers. Krombacher is always available here, so there’s nothing special about that, and I’m afraid they won’t have foodstuffs for sale (to take home), just for eating. Because that’s often how it is around here. But it might be cool, you never know.

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