Library Access?

UPDATE: Got ’em. Thanks to the several people (Claire, Tinatsu) who emailed them to me while I wasn’t looking!

ORIGINAL POST: If anyone out there has access to either or both of these articles, I’d be very grateful for a copy. (My own employer’s library being, still, unequipped with any serious research access for Anglophones.)

  • Drevdahl, John E.,  and Raymond B. Cattell. “Personality and creativity in artists and writers.” Journal of Clinical Psychology. Volume 14, Issue 2, pages 107–111, April 1958. (LINK.)
  • Kaun, David E. “Writers die young: The impact of work and leisure on longevity.” Journal of Economic Psychology Volume 12, Issue 2, June 1991, Pages 381-399. (LINK.)

If those look interesting, there’s one more piece on Scribd (titled “The Schizophrenic Theme in Science Fiction”) that’s freely available and will probably interest you as well.

5 thoughts on “Library Access?

  1. Would love to help out, but it appears you have to subscribe to the site to be able to access the articles. A lot of academic journals do that, alas; they’re not into making their information available to the masses. Ayam beddy sori.

    1. Thanks Kevin,

      Argh. That truly sucks. Ah well… I guess they just don’t want their content to be available to anyone. *Shrug* Maybe someone else will happen to be at a subscribing institution…

      Thanks anyway. Oh, and did you know “ayam” is Indonesian for chicken? :)

  2. There’s a service run by the university library where if the journal is available in any Korean academic institution, they will copy it for you free of charge (though it may take anywhere between a week to a couple of months to receive the article). The university search engine, however, leaves a lot to be desired. Your best bet may be to talk with a librarian.

  3. Junsok,

    Really? Free of charge? I was told it would cost money on a per-page basis. Which… oh man.

    Well, anyway, thanks for the info, I’ll bear it in mind for the next time.

    See you later today! (3pm, was it?)

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