I am. Back in Korea. And will be for a few years, off and on of course. Long story, buy me a beer and I’ll tell you it. Or I may parcel it out in bits here, if I ever get the time to blog more often.

Rome was outstanding, and I have places to recommend, which I’ll write up sometime this coming week. Hong Kong was a mad rush, and I have only one or two places to recommend, but they’re very good ones. I slept too little, including close to no sleep for about 40 hours the last leg of the trip (from when I flew from Rome to Hong Kong, then had a 17-hour layover, and then flew to Seoul and had to get home…. I think I managed about 3 hours of sleep in those 40 hours.

And I am paying the price. Cold sores on one’s tongue hurt like hell.

Not so many pics, but I did bring home beer (yes, some of it Italian) and cheese (yes, all of it Italian) and I had a great time.

The semester begins Wednesday. I go to Immigration Monday to renew my visa. I hope I can hit the hospital earlier on, because I wanna know once and for all whether I have strep throat, and what can be done for this painful tongue-situation.

Tomorrow’s my crit group’s last big meeting before half the group moves away. So I’d best get some sleep now, and be ready for it.

More later.

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