The Immersion Book of Steampunk and “The Clockworks of Hanyang”

While I sit on some other news that I cannot announce yet, there is something I forgot to mention in terms of a story publication!

The Immersion Book of Steampunk is apparently out (since 20 September — I’m sadly a bit late), and editors Gareth D. Jones and Carmelo Rafala saw fit to include (among stories by a great list of contributors) my Korean Steampunk story, “The Clockworks of Hanyang.” (More information about the story is here, and you can get the book here (USA), or here (UK), or if you’re in Korea, it’s here. Or, you can order direct from the publisher, here.)

If you’re curious about the story, I just posted a little writeup about it, as well. I am still waiting to see the actual book, which I’m sure is on the way, but I think it’s an excellent and lovely cover… and, for the first time so far, my name actually appears on the front cover, too! (Hey, it’s new for me, okay?)


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