Is it Too Much to Ask For…

… that, despite the nonexistence of an afterlife, despite all odds, somewhere out there a bunch of recently-departed souls are caught in a lineup, the processing of the world’s dead being backlogged, and Christopher Hitchens has just looked back and noticed that, lo and behold, amid many bedraggled, starved people stands the ghost of Kim Jong Il, in full North Korean military-leisure suit regalia, and that Hitchens turns around and strides up to him confidently, and bitchslaps the unliving crap out of Kim until his ghostly body collapses in the pile of useless feces that the man always truly was?

Probably, yes, it is too much to ask for. Sigh.

Well, Ding Dong, the Wicked Witch of the North is dead.

And while some of what Hitchens argued for made me ill, I think the world is nonetheless poorer for losing him… and he always seemed to me to bring a kind of brio and force — and a stunning clearheadedness — to the discussion of the world’s religious lunacy. Here’s a video fitting of both recent deaths:

Those looking for someone to hate in the void of Kim’s absence needn’t wait long. As always, North Korea already has had a hereditary successor to the throne of the Witch-King lined up for ages. And he looks like a real charmer, too:

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