Happy Newtonmass

So it’s Newtonmass. I hope it is (or was, depending on your time zone and when you read this) fun for you all.

We had dinner last night with Miss Jiwaku’s cousin and her family, a gathering to which we brought a little of my beer, and cookies and smoked almonds we’d made that day. Today had a couple of friends over. The food included all kinds of wonderful things. (For my part, I made the caramelized carrot soup and smoked peppers stuffed with rice and cheese. Miss Jiwaku made braised spinach and maki — Japanese-styled sushi rolls. We collaborated on an insanely rich cheesecake, with goat’s cheese. (Yes, goat’s milk cheese, in that cheesecake.)

I have pictures. But I’m too languid to post them now. Languid? I’m slow-movin’ at the moment. Maybe later…

There was good talk, good music,  nice presents. Good times.

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