Brewing Tasks…

Well, I’m back at the point now of having some brewing tasks that seriously need doing. I figured I’d make a list of them, mainly so I have an idea in my mind of what I need to do, and when, in what order.

  1. Wonmisan Micro-aj pi ɛ?: Currently finished first round of dry-hop and ready to be racked to a keg. Add second round of dry hops in keg.
  2. Wonmisan aj pi ɛ? (Mega): Rack to secondary. Dry hop with Pacific Gem pellets. Re-rack to empty keg, and second-round dry hop with more Pacific Gem, or alternative dry hop.
  3. Silvered Moon Barleywine: Bottle in small-serving bottles.
  4. Wonmisan Pastafarian (original batch, with pellicle): taste and discard or bottle, possibly blend with other sour ale. (But unlikely.)
  5. Womisan Mint Metheglin: Currently cold-crashed. Bottle in small-serving bottles.
  6. Fenian Raid Old Ale — Re-yeast. Bottle in small-serving bottles. Harvest yeast cake for Brett strains. (Depending on Brett action, may or may not have turned out tasty, but should rack to a keg for storage/aging at this point.
  7. Sour Pale Ale: taste, possibly bottle and refrigerate. Harvest complete yeast cake for sour/funky Saisons.
  8. Wonmisan Wit (split batch) — Bottle in big bottles. Harvest yeast cake.
  9. Chestnut Honey Mead, Larger portion of batch: cold crash, rack to clear, and bottle in small-serving bottles.
  10. Brew a 3G Berliner Weisse.
  11. Brew a Maple Beer / Citra Blond Ale split batch
  12. Plan and brew a student brew (double batch) by 13 May.

Wow, that’s lots to do. Some things *could* wait a little while, but I don’t want to wait too long on them! I guess I’d better get to work!

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