“The Bernoulli War” Story Notes Up

Earlier today, I posted some story notes about “The Bernoulli War,” my most recent publication (in the current Asimov’s SF). If you’re interested in reading more about the story, including:

  • why spambots ate the story for half a year,
  • the original character naming scheme,
  • the book that inspired it,
  • a bit about the thought process and earlier attempted stories that got mulched into the draft,

… and more… well, you can read more about it here.

2 thoughts on ““The Bernoulli War” Story Notes Up

  1. Gord,

    I just finished reading “The Bernoulli War” and I loved it! WOW…… What an amazing ride. I can’t describe ( your the writer, not me, Lol) how much I enjoyed reading it so I won’t try. 3 words and one punctuation mark will have to suffice. It Was Great!

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