Catching Up…

I’ve been quiet here, in part because I’ve been writing my ass off for the Clarion West Write-a-thon, to raise money for the Clarion West Workshop in Seattle.

Now, if you remember my original post on the subject, I noted that the Write-a-thon, as usual, started around what is, for me, about the busiest time of the semester. The fact that last semester was busier than most just compounded the problem–as did a few unholy messes that needed tidying, like a student whose missing final projects in two courses ended up bringing me to the office multiple times to fill out a bunch of paperwork so she could pass her course.

Well, when I first posted about this, I said I’d be timeshifting the Write-a-Thon, which means I’m actually going for a couple more weeks! Plenty of time to reach my remaining goals. Speaking of which, here’s what I’ve pulled off so far:

  1. Complete 3 Short Film Scripts: I’ve completed two of three. They’re short, mind you (only five minutes each at a guess — I’ve actually done three, but one was only a minute long, so I didn’t count that!), but they’re completed scripts, for projects we hope to be recording soon and posting in the fall. (I plan on hammering out the third one tonight.)
  2. Send 2 New Stories Out To Market: I’ve overshot my goal, and actually sent three new stories out to market. I’l be sending out other stories in search of a home tomorrow, mostly stories I got back in the last few months but was too busy to send out again.
  3. Start in a Writing a Novel: I randomly chose 15,000 words as a cutoff line for “starting” a novel; I don’t know how realistic it is to think I can get there before the 15th of August, but I’ll give it a fair shot. I have, in  the past, hammered out 15,000-ish word pieces in two or three days, and one of them was even very close to the state it ginally got published in. But we’ll have to see. If I manage even 10,000 words, I’ll be happy. But so far, I haven’t put anything to page!

It’s not too late to sponsor me, if you want to… at least, not as far as I’ve heard. (I doubt they’d turn away your money, anyway.) You can go here to sponsor me, or, check out my above-linked post to see some reasons why I think it’s a good cause!

I wish I’d counted posting about Pound’s Cantos in this somewhere: I’m a couple of weeks behind now, and it doesn’t feel good. Or, well, maybe it does, but I am unhappy with it.

2 thoughts on “Catching Up…

  1. Short films wow! Fun stuff.

    Hope the novel goes well. Not surprised you did so stellarly in the short story department, but in any case, KUDOS! : D

    1. Hi Val!

      Yeah, Jihyun makes films, and I write, so I figured… why not collaborate? Well, now I need to get out of her way because there’s a few things she wants to write and shoot, but the short films are both (a) a good learning experience for me (they’re comedic, so I’m learning how to write black humor) and (b) they’re short, quick, and easy to shoot/edit, so they’re good practice for her in terms of mastering the skills she’s been working on.

      The short stories: actually, it took me a week to write one of them, it just was not willing to “come out” and I struggled pretty hard with that one. But the other two were more like natural births. :)

      Nice to see you here again!

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