The Book of Cthulhu II

Argh! I don’t know how my original post back in September didn’t get posted, but anyway: back in September, my Lovecraftan-Dreamlands-inversion story “Of Melei, of Ulthar” was reprinted in The Book of Cthulhu II edited by Ross Lockhart of Night Shade Books.

It’s pretty flattering to have my story requested for reprint at all, let alone alongside some of the authors whose work is also among those pages…

Not bad for a story I couldn’t finish in time to submit to the anthology it was requested for, if I say so myself.

And, by a strange twist of fate, I’m currently working on another story set in a twisted-up Lovecraftian Dreamlands setting. Well, less working on, and more surgically cutting it down to 7,500 words. (Because nearly nobody wants a 9,000 word story these days!)

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