Well, I just realized that while those on Facebook all know about it, I haven’t mentioned it here, so: I got hitched last weekend. That’s right, Miss Jiwaku is now Mrs. Jiwaku–and in a rather literal way, too, since the inscription in our wedding bands is (in Korean) Jiwaku. For those wondering, that’s an Indonesian term of endearment that translates literally as “my soul” (but which couples use).

I haven’t updated because I’ve been busy: both of our mothers were able to come to Korea for the occasion, and we’ve been pretty busy showing my mother around, meeting with Mrs. Jiwaku’s mother, and so on. My mum returned to Canada the other day, but Mrs. Jiwaku’s mother is still in town for a bit…

We decided not to hold a ceremony per se–certainly not a traditional one, for neither a church service nor an exorbitant bubble-machine show really appealed to us–though we did exchange rings and some heartfelt words. There were a few speeches and toasts, most of them wonderful and heartfelt. But most of the evening was a big party, with tons of kegs of beer, some lovely food and cakes given to us, and excellent company. A lot of people have commented how much they liked the wedding party, how it was the best they’ve been to, how fun it was, so I guess in that sense it was a huge success, and with not so very much planning required. (We did do some planning, but not the insane amounts that some couples end up doing for whatever reason.)

I’m still in the process of  assembling a collection of wedding photos–if any kind reader has some, I’d love copies at full size, since what gets uploaded on Facebook also gets resized–but when I have a photoset put together on Flickr, I’ll add it to this post, and republish it with a note regarding the photos.

We actually still have to get married in terms of the law: I have a document I need translated, and then we’ll have to visit several government offices in several different countries. (I’m about to try get my British passport as well, and have no idea how all of this will get processed in terms of that, since I probably won’t even be able to apply for the passport  for a few months, let alone record our marriage with the UK government. I guess we’ll find out.)

There are a million other things going on right now too, but this deserves its own post, so I’ll write about those other things later. I’ll just say for now that we’re insanely happy, if also incredibly busy.

6 thoughts on “Hitched

  1. Good lord, man! Congratulations! A happy future to you both. And you know… up to now, I don’t think I’ve seen a single image of the now-Missus on this blog. When, oh when, will you satisfy my curiosity?

    1. Thanks Kevin! Yeah, I haven’t posted any pictures of Mrs. Jiwaku here. However, if your curiosity is so great that you cannot hold out for the photoset I’ll probably post next week, then I assure you that you can find a link somewhere around here to a website where you can see a few photos of her, busy at work on her first film.

      (That’s a BIG hint.)

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