The Rite of Spring: Graphical Score

UPDATE (9 April 2012): Part 2 is up! See below.

ORIGINAL POST: Well, I’m sure some of you out there are waiting for an update from Saigon, but I’m not up for writing one yet: I’ve developed some kind of a cold and been in bed all day, and want only to say that we’re settling in fine, and things are good.

But I do feel like posting this:

I recently received an email from Stephen Malinowski notifying me that the graphical score for the first part of Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring was complete and online. (I assume he ran across references to the piece on my blog, like this one.)

In any case, his graphical score is nothing short of amazing:

Malinowski’s other graphical scores are worth checking out, especially, in my opinion, his Debussy scores. I personally can’t wait to see Part 2 of The Rite. (And you can learn more about his software and animation projects on this website.)

Update: Part two is up, folks!

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