Winging It…

If you can see this, then we’ve already left Korea, and are on a plane to Saigon–which you may not find on a modern map unless you look for Ho Chi Minh City, but the locals apparently call it Saigon. Our plans changed a few times over the last couple of months: first, we’d planned to fly to Berlin… then Chiang Mai, a place that still interests us even now… but finally, we’re going somewhere else.

Just when we figured out our finances wouldn’t be quite as stellar as we’d hoped, we were contacted by friends who were in the process of hunting for a house to rent with friends, and it ended up being an offer too good to turn down. Good people whom we not only know but care about deeply; good food, and a crowd that likes to cook; good company; the place is as affordable as all get-out; and as Nick put it, “Four Clarion grads under one roof!” It’s shades of writer’s colony, even, though I’m trying not to have expectations about how that side of the group will interlock… which wasn’t a hard sell as I am buckling down to write some major projects, and Jihyun is getting to work on a script of her own.

I don’t know how long we’ll be in Saigon, but I do know that I have been looking forward to it since it became our plan, and I’m happy that we were able to change plans so suddenly without a big problem. This is one of the nice things about being debt-free and having some savings: when it comes time to invest in yourself, you can make the decisions on your own terms, with a little freedom. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have the freedom to go anywhere, but there are always limitations, and I’m happy with what we have got going on right now.

The freedom makes it worth it: the freedom I came to Korea to get, and while it took me longer than it takes some, I have it now, and am putting it to use.

Everything is kinda up in the air. Like us, right now, at 3:20pm on March 28th, 2013 the day I leave Korea… exactly 4,097 days after first arriving here, with no idea how long I’d stay, or what I’d end up doing here. Funny thing to contemplate, as we fly to another country altogether with a great, hovering, enticing question mark hanging in the air up ahead of us.

13 thoughts on “Winging It…

    1. Merci bien, Monsieur de la Choucroute!

      (Sorry, my French died in a ditch in Jeolla-do. I’ll have to resurrect it someday, but for now, it’s kind of zombified nonsense. So, properly: thanks Kevin!)

  1. We were sad to see you go, but there’s no doubt this needed to happen. I wish you guys the best of luck, and we’ll see you again before too long, one way or another.

    1. Thanks, Charles. We’ll miss you too, and I wish we could have made it to your place before leaving. We will pass through Seoul again, definitely, though, and we can book such an evening before arriving, right? Assuming you’re still there when we do! :) But yes, before too long, either way…

    1. Thanks Sanko! And by the way, sorry about the size of the boxes… do you actually have room for all that stuff? It’s broiling hot here but things are going well so far. Everyone says hi to you up in chilly Seoul!

  2. Ha, sometimes it felt like that, though finally I think for me it was living in Yeokgok district for seven years that filled me with disgust: while there are nice people in that neighborhood, it’s a truly horrible place.

    Not that I’m burning with a desire to live in Korea again, but I think most of my disgust has to do with riding Line 1 of the subway/commuter train WAY too much, and being marooned in Yeokgok. My wife and I agree that if we had to live in Korea again, we’d make an effort make it outside Seoul… unless, of course, we were filthy rich and could afford to live comfortably in Seoul. But all in all we prefer Jeonju and Jeju.

    Meanwhile, living in Southeast Asia sometimes feels like hitting yourself in the face with a hammer… I am NOT adjusting well to the water in our house right now, and it has me really itchy and grouchy.

      1. Yeah, it really is… here’s hoping I don’t melt. (Our bedroom air conditioner is dripping liters onto the floor, I think because the people who came to “clean” it didn’t do a thorough enough job. Which, in a climate like this, is kind of crappy, but we’ve got the bucket set up for the night, and will call tomorrow…)

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