Practice Notes Shared at Evernote

evernoteOne of the things that has been surprising about moving to a new computer is being able to access social network/media services so much better than I could in the past. While my first instinct is to blog everything as a way of putting information into accessible storage, it’s not really the most efficient way to do everything.

So I’ve been exploring, and one of the services I’ve found to serve a purpose I needed is Evernote. While I don’t think posting about my music practice here is a terrible idea–and I will be posting sometimes as part of my series about coming “Back to the Sax”–I don’t want to clog this blog with the minutae of my daily practice regimen… although I would still like to share my practice records publicly.

That’s one thing Evernote is really, really good at. So, if you look in the “Connect With Me” section  of my sidebar, the last icon is for Evernote. Specifically for my Practice Notes. That’s where I’ll be posting not just the details of what I’ve practiced, but also notes on tunes I’m working up, and things I’m trying to arrange for big band… another side project of mine, which I think will help me better develop as a player and composer.

There’s only one post so far, and it’s a big one, but I expect most of the posts will be more moderate. Still, the whole notebook will be up for anyone who wants to see it. I figure, among other things, it’ll help keep me honest.

If you want to see the notebook, click through on this link.

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