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I’m still busy sorting out the CPU minutes/spammer problems on my website, though I’m getting closer by the day to sorting it all out. Part of sorting it out has involved converting a bunch of old installations of WordPress that I’d set up for students into static html webpages, so that I could delete the WordPress installations, which is time consuming and, if I didn’t want to keep the blogs for the sheer point of keeping them up–later I can say, “See, I hosted blogs for my students!”–then I would have just deleted them. But, well… I didn’t.

All that takes time, and since I’m busy, I haven’t got much to offer in the way of interesting content. However, it occurred to me that I’ve never made public the fact that I have for years now been hosting my (now-defunct) teaching site on this same server, under a subdomain. I figured, it’s content, and it may be of use to some people out there teaching the kinds of courses I was teaching: not so much conversational English as courses like Understanding Anglophone Cultures Through Poetry, Literature in a Multicultural Society, Creative Writing in English, Creative Projects in English, Business Across Cultures, and Understanding Anglophone Cultures Through Film/Popular Culture… courses that aren’t necessarily the easiest to tackle from the outset unless you have some idea what you want to do with them.

Since I’m not actively homebrewing, I’ve moved the Homebrewing submenu of the Navigation Menu to appear beneath the “Blog” menu heading, to make room for the Courses link.  There isn’t much there to amuse most readers, though I think people in Korea–students and teachers alike–could get a kick out of the content linked under the “Some Advice From Your Professor” heading in the sidebar. A few of those are, I’m told, pretty amusing…

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 9.38.14 PM

Here’s a direct link.

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