Bluebell the Fairy’s Birthday Present

A little break from serious posts…

Late last year, I posted one chapter from the Reading Street textbook series that I cowrote with my former colleague Haeyoung Kim a few years ago. (That chapter was my second-favorite, a sort of anti-imperialist response to the kiddie portal fantasy subgenre, and a story I’m proud of, though it’s not quite the best of the bunch.) I also discussed the conscious ideological approach to writing this kids’ story, which from the beginning was simply intended for use in an English textbook.

However, today I just noticed that my absolute favorite mini-story from the series, “Bluebell the Fairy’s Birthday Present,” was illustrated by the same artist–Kim Ok–and that she posted it on her site years ago, too! I figured I’d share it, since it’s already online and a personal favorite from that book series.

I feel obliged to throw in the caveat that I suspect the text was edited by the publisher, and not necessarily as deftly as I’d like… but the spirit of the thing survives.

(Oh, but a warning: the images need a moment to load, so if you read the end of page 3, and don’t see page 4, wait a moment or scroll further down and you should see page 4… that’s what just happened to me previewing the page!)




You might wonder why I looked up such a long-ago project. I may or may not have more to say about that, but I can say it has nothing to do with writing another textbook. Perhaps I’ll have more to say in a while, but for now, I’ll leave it at that.

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