Stars Fell On Alabama Out Now…

Well, it seems like people are starting to receive copies of the October/November double issue of Asimov’s SF, which contains my newest story, “Stars Fell on Alabama.” (Living on the other side of the ocean, I never know when to post notices like this.) I’ve got a complete set of notes about the story in […]

Stars Fell on Alabama

This story appeared in the October/November 2014 issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction. It was written through the end of June into the second week of July 2013 (with a break during which I finished another jazz-centric SF story, which isn’t yet published); that is, I wrote this a few months after I started living in […]

Monk, Amblyopia & All

Wanting to check one detail about Monk’s life, I picked up my copy of Straight, No Chaser: The Life and Genius of Thelonious Monk by Leslie Gourse, and searched… and an hour later, I discovered I’d happily read a big chunk of the book. So far it’s a very balanced treatment, from what I can tell: […]

More on Dr. John Perkins, Yes, Of THAT Perkins Family

This has nothing to do with beer itself, but is an interesting footnote to brewing history. A while back, I mentioned a tantalizing rumour that the son of the brewer John Perkins (of Barclay Perkins fame) had led a life of adventure, ultimately fighting under Simón Bolívar in the Venezuelan War of Independence, but noting there […]