How Do You Play Careless Whisper on the Sax?

Ah, the things people on Quora ask sometimes:

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I haven’t been asked to do this often, to be honest. Once in a while someone will bring up Kenny G to me, and I’ll have to explain that Kenny G is sort of the M. Night Shyamalan of the saxophone world.

(There’s a good bass solo—as in a fairly “metal” one, in fact—on the Kenny G Live album. We have now reached the limits of nice things I’m wiling to say about Kenny G and his oeuvre.)

Only one person in the last decade asked me (in seriousness) to play “Careless Whisper.” We’re no longer on speaking terms.

(Okay, okay, for other reasons, but still…)

Though I did get a kick out of this guy:

But he’s lucky he didn’t walk into my classroom and play that crap.

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