Prodigal Published! (And More)

AnalogProdigalCoverI was hoping to get this out earlier, but, it’s been a busy week, or, well, week and a half. I mentioned a while back that my story “Prodigal” was forthcoming in Analog Science Fiction and Fact.

Well, it’s in the December 2016 issue, which may or may not be on newstands already, but which subscribers have been receiving. What’s more, not only is my name on the cover, but so is the story title, and I’m guessing that’s why the art references my story too! That was a complete surprise, and a wonderful one as well.

To those who’ve read it already: I hope you enjoyed it. If you’re new to my site, welcome! You may be interested to know that I always post some background notes to stories, and “Prodigal” is no exception. You can see those notes here.

Oh, and I have another story forthcoming in Analog at some point—this one set in Southern Vietnam, and inspired in part by the riots that happened all over, but mainly in Bình Dương, while I was living nearby in Saigon in 2014.

If, like me, you don’t have access to a newsstand, this is the current issue on Amazon right now, so you can get it there. If you’d like to know more about where to get an electronic edition of the magazine, please check out Analog’s website: at the bottom of the page linked above is a list of vendors for a digital edition, but you can also subscribe direct from Analog if you like. And you can check out Analog’s snappy new website while you’re at it.

As for other projects, they’re all in some state of progress…

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