Ride the Star Wind available for preorder!

Hey, look at that: 

The forthcoming Broken Eye Books anthology Ride the Star Wind: Cthulhu, Space Opera, and the Cosmic Weird (edited by ​Scott Gable & C. Dombrowski) is available for preorders now, over on Amazon.com!

It will contain a story of mine titled “Vol de Nuit” that is, well, kind of existential Lovecraftian space horropera. Imagine a raw, bloody Space: 1999 steak mashed into a big plate of Lovecraft 

I know, I know, I don’t usually write about spaceship fighter pilots blasting their weapons off into the silent void against implacable, inhuman enemies, though, well… when it’s a Great Old One that needs taking down, I can make an exception… as long as I’m allowed to do horrible things to all the characters involved, at least. 

A couple of snippets of my story have been tweeted out by the publisher already:

I needn’t mention what kind of resonator network it is, do I? Ahem. 

Surely those snippets aren’t enough to convince you to get the book, but what about a list of the writers contributing stories? The publisher’s webpage lays out the full list of contributors—all these good folks:

Remy Nakamura • Lucy A. Snyder • J.E. Bates • Gord Sellar • Brian Evenson • Heather Hatch • Desirina Boskovich • DaVaun Sanders • D.W. Baldwin • J. Edward Tremlett • D.A. Xiaolin Spires • Tom Dullemond • Premee Mohamed • Wendy N. Wagner • Kara Dennison • Brandon O’Brien • Heather Terry • Wendy Nikel • Robert White • Ingrid Garcia • Richard Lee Byers • Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. • Tim Curran • Angus McIntyre • Ada Hoffmann • Bogi Takács • Wendi Dunlap • Cody Goodfellow • Nadia Bulkin

Also: it’s illustrated! The contributing artists include:

Sishir Bommakanti, Michael Bukowski, Mike Dubisch, Dave Felton, Justine Jones, Luke Spooner, Yves Tourigny, Jeremy Zerfoss, and Nick Gucker, who did that astounding cover. 

Anyway, the book is apparently being released in September, but for those of you who missed the Kickstarter back in March, those preorders help a lot. Go on, you know you want some Lovecraftian space stories… 

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