Ride the Star Wind, and More…

Ride the Star Wind, a short story collection combining space opera, the Lovecraftian, and the cosmic weird, is now available:

You can get it from the publisher, or get a paperback or ebook from Amazon.com.

It includes a bunch of great, weird stories by great, weird people, some of whose names will surely be familiar to those who read Lovecraftian fiction. Among them is my own story, “Vol de Nuit,” which is one of the few space-opera-esque things I’ve actually written. I’ve got some story notes up, as usual, under the Story Notes section of this site.

Nick Gucker, who I believe did that amazing cover above, also illustrated my story in a wonderfully creepy way:

I’m looking forward to seeing my print copy, as the book looks absolutely gorgeous. 

As for other news: well, I took some time off my almost-finished novel to copyedit a forthcoming book of Korean SF stories in English translation (forthcoming from Kaya Books). Along the way, I ended up significantly reworking one of the translations—Park Min-gyu’s “Road Kill”… indeed, so significantly as to receive a co-translation credit. Along with that story, my wife Jihyun and I translated two other great South Korean SF stories for the book: “Our Banished World” by Chang-gyu Kim and “Ready-Made Bodhisattva” by Sunghwan Kim. Though copy-editing is always work, I really enjoyed the stories in the book, and think they’re an interesting selection of older and newer Korean SF. Probably the biggest revelation to me was Yun I-Hyeong, whose work I knew very little about despite having met a few times: her story in this collection is just outstanding, though of course many of the other stories are also great. 

I’ll say more about the collection when the book comes out, which I think is scheduled for sometime next year. I have some other publishing news, but I’ll save it till the ink has dried a little. 

This aforementioned copyediting work—plus a sudden, brief burst of activity on another unrelated project—account for my long silence here, by the way. Deadlines sometimes have that effect. Hopefully I’ll get a few new posts up here soon, while I return to work on my nearly-drafted novel. 

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