Isle of Joy on Kickstarter Now

At the moment, my latest tabletop RPG project, from Knight Owl Publishing, is live on Kickstarter. Here’s the pitch from the Kickstarter page:

Isle of Joy is an adventure like no other—a brooding, psychedelic trip across a haunted island, as well as a fractious exploration of the nature of identity, and a frightening battle to survive in a world gone mad. Imagine if David Lynch directed The Tempest for A24 Films and you might get a feel for the tone of this book: isolated, complex, dream-like, surreal. Isle of Joy is that and much more, as esteemed writer Gord Sellar weaves a complex and touching tale that spans millennia and includes mad gods, living manifestations of human emotion, the remnants of long-lost love, and an island that will do whatever it takes to make you stay on it forever.

The book is written to be directly compatible with Old School Essentials and B/X, but that ensures that it can be used with any old-school RPG system—or, with a little effort, adapted for use with any other system, really. I playtested it with a regular group for quite a series of sessions, and we had a blast with it. The adventure and events were dark, haunting, and really memorable, and the vibe was quite different from any old-school I’ve ever run before. (It still comes up in conversation sometimes, months after we finished with the Isle.)    

If that at all sounds interesting to you, head over to the Kickstarter page for early reviews, wonderful early review comments, a discussion of the project, and everything you need to back it and get yourself a copy.

What’s that, you need a meme to convince you? Okay, have a meme:



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