Famous People I’d Meet

Last week’s Friday Five was a question I posed, rather unintelligibly: Our world is one in which many fully-literate citizens can be expected to know much more about entertainers than about the politicians who they’re told represent them in government. It’s easy for intellectual types like us Friday Fivers to dismiss pop stars, of course, […]

Five Imaginary Operations

This week, Dan asked: It has become the norm these days to name American wars, not as wars, but as operations. We’ve had everything from Operation Desert Storm to Operation Just Cause and most recently Operation Iraqi Freedom. Methinks someone is paying a bit too much attention to the suits from marketing… either that, or […]

Making a Leak

Dan asked this week’s Friday 5 question: With the recent unveiling of famed Watergate source “Deep Throat”, a great mysterious chapter of journalism has been closed. However, you now have the chance to leak some incredible secrets to a young, new reporter. What would those five secrets be, and what would your code name be […]