Anomie Pop

I have the first of my two or three class meetings for British Popular Culture planned out: a powerpoint giving a basic “crash course” in British popular culture, followed by an episode (probably episode 1, or else the Pub Quiz episode) of The Office, with some discussion interspersed. For the second lecture, I’m thinking we […]

Neighborhood Unknown

This week’s Friday Five question is once again mine: Tell us about five local places (in your neighborhood, town, or city, or region) that you have never visited, but would like to go to sometime… if you ever get around to it? I think, considering how many other people have quit doing them, that I […]

Pre-F5: Necessary Skills?

Back in September 2003, long before I joined the Friday Five, I noticed friends doing it. I even answered a question, ages ago, and then saved it to my drafts and left it. I saw this on my friend Adam’s site, a violently executed plan blog, and I figured that in the 20 minutes before […]

This week’s F5

I don’t know why, but I cannot load Rob’s F5 question blog at my home. I mean, I can do it with an anonymous proxy like unipeak, but not without one. I cannot imagine why Hanaro Telecom would choose to block Rob’s site, so I’m guessing it’s some glitch in another blockage, which I can’t […]

Foregone Involvements

In a blast of highschool gossipy mood, I submitted the Friday Five question that came up this week: Please tell us about five people you liked, or who liked you, but with whom you never became involved. Explain why not. This shouldn’t be too hard. Maybe that’s why I wrote the question, in fact; I […]