Neighborhood Unknown

This week’s Friday Five question is once again mine:

Tell us about five local places (in your neighborhood, town, or city, or region) that you have never visited, but would like to go to sometime… if you ever get around to it?

I think, considering how many other people have quit doing them, that I may also give in to that lurking urge to give up on this Friday Fives series. I have plenty to post about without it, and while I used to enjoy the challenge of new questions, most of the ones in the rotation machine are mine, and few others seem interested in submitting new ones… understandably, because most people have just kind of quit doing the exercise altogether.

So anyway, maybe in honor of my tentatively giving up on Friday Fives, I’m going to list five places AND make sure I visit all five of them in the next five days. Now, that affects my list a little bit, doesn’t it?

  1. The new “Chinese restaurant” just down the road. Now, I don’t really like what Koreans do with Chinese food, but it’s odd to me that one should open in precisely the place it did. It’s new, it looks clean (from the outside, through the windows), and anyway, I’m coming down with a cold, and jjambbong — a red, spicy, supposedly Chinese soup — is always a good start on fighting off such bugs.
  2. The new grocery store which is a little further on down the road from 참 사랑 마트 (True Love Supermarket). It looks like the selection’s not bad, but I’ve just never bothered to go in and really look around. Maybe this week is a good time to give them a chance to surprise me.
  3. There’s a beef-bone soup restaurant somewhere around here that Jason is supposed to show me sometime soon. It’s supposed to be really, really good.
  4. I’ve been going for walks lately — as in, the past couple of days — along the river, but I have always gone in what I think is Southwest, past the new provincial government buildings. Maybe it’s time I took the path along the river in the other direction, to see what’s worth seeing along there.
  5. I’ve been meaning to go to a fitness club and start exercising. There’s one on top of the Total Sauna, but I’ve heard iffy things about the layout of the place. Then again, there’s another place where the stationary bikes and tradmills have TVs where you can actually watch CNN and other such things. I guess it’s time to visit a place, secure a membership, and try it out. This week. Oh man…

Well, I always knew that the Friday Five would get me into trouble someday. I’m going to start a new category this week for places I’ve gone, and as I visit them, I’ll check them off this list. (The one involving my co-worker Jason, of course, will depend on his schedule and inclination, but I definitely plan on going there. Keep your eyes peeled.

4 thoughts on “Neighborhood Unknown

  1. Wow, I’d do that… If I didn’t know I was a procrastinator and would never get any of the things done. I’ll definitely keep an eye on your progress, just so I can continue to be amazed at your ability to deliver. :P

    What am I doing here, anyway? I’m supposed to be doing homework!!

  2. Come to think of it, I seem to have lost the URL to the question-submitting site. I was thinking of re-activating myself after long summer vacation from pretty much everything… and then I got distracted.

  3. Thanks – yeah, I’ve started answering the questions again. I usually run a day or two behind, but hey it gives my blog some material when my life is otherwise uneventful? :D

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