Transcripts and other tangled webs

Well, the thing about getting a job as a professor is that everyone is pickier about records. So, today, I sent over a lot of my paperwork. My MA diploma is already over at Jeonju University, but my BA diploma (in fact, certification letter as a diploma took too long to have printed off) and transcripts, and the letter releasing me from my current contract were sent to Jeonju as a registered post today. (They’ll arrive tomorrow.)

However… this morning I made a futile attempt at finding out the information I needed via the Uni voicemail system. I thought the time zones lined up differently and that nobody was answered but staff was present. In fact, I was about two hours too late to catch any Uni employees, and so my cussing and damning various bureaucratic types to hell was slightly in vain. Of course, one rude twerp who, as quickly as possible fed me the WRONG extension number for the transcripts office and then basically hung up on me, does deserve special mention.

But now I feel a lot better. Tomorrow I’ll be able to fax my request for transcripts, accompanied by a credit card payment agreement signed by a friend here who has a card (I don’t) and all will be well with the world.

For a peep into the bewildering world of transcript requests, look here. The information that is here is not bewildering, mind you… what? bewildering is how incomplete it is. I burned about 30 minutes off my phone cards to find out that express shipping to Korea costs $24CDN, and that my friend can fill out the credit card statement for me, and that’s not a problem. I just don’t understand sometimes, why people do half-assed electronic service provision of things. Why not just have a feed that delivers the courier company’s rates for whatever destination right on the page, on request? Why not have a FAQ? I know I’m not the only person who ever needed transcripts in a rush but had no credit card…

Ah well, it’s all under control now, I guess… the transcripts should be here from Montreal by the middle or end of next week. Good news, that.

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