Coming Soon…

Coming soon is a tenuous title for this time of the year… after all, I’m about to embark on a protracted period of overtime work, and my time will be short for a while. Still, there are a few posts I want to make.

I was invited to and attended a FIFA soccer match in nearby Jeonju with a couple of young women from the Language School where I teach. It was an unusual but interesting evening… conversation across language barriers can be frustrating. I also learned how very difficult it can be to read someone across cultural barriers, in different contexts. And yet, also, how sometimes it can be easier than one imagines. The game was also frustrating, as the Korean team simply fouled up several good opportunities to score. But all in all I was glad to see the game and spent Saturday night out. I have a bunch of pictures from the evening, and I will be getting them developed tomorrow. With any luck my hard drive will be cleared off in a day or two and I’ll have room to scan the pics and upload a few.

I also would like to finish a half-drafted review I began months ago, of Patrick Suskind’s book Perfume. However, I will be starting a new book tomorrow, and my to-be-read pile is such that I doubt I will be getting back to it before I end up loaning it out to someone. So anyway, I’ll try to conclude it from memory and see what I get, see if it’s worth posting. As you can see from another entry I made today, I finished reading Yasunari Kawabata’s Snow Country this morning. I was intending to begin reading another loaned book (this one courtesy of my friend John Wendel) by Walker Percy, titled Love in the Ruins, but I don’t think I can dive into another fiction work yet, so I’ll probably begin either Pascal Boyer’s Religion Explained or (more likely, as it is much shorter) CS Lewis’s A Grief Observed.

I also want to make a post about my writing project, because sometimes it’s fun to share some information about that. It’s finally starting to have direction again, this fiction work I’m slowly pounding away at, so I am pleased once more.

Finally, I saw an interesting Korean SF movie today and I would like to write about that. Maybe tomorrow, or sometime this week, I’ll get to that.

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